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11-21-2012, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Decertification is a waste of time, it didn't do much for the NBA and NFLPA. Fehr might be a dick but he's not stupid.

Everybody who says that the NHL will be hurt long term or even fold due to a season long lockout are out to lunch IMO because the biggest idiots in all this is the fans who keep crawling back no matter how crappy we get treated by the NHL so sure, the league might be hurting short term but it'll be back to business as usual in a couple of years as the fans supply the revenue necessary to sustain the league.

If anything, the lockout might help long term because a few of the teams that were in financial trouble might very well relocate to more stable markets.
The difference between the NHLPA and the NBA and NFL unions is they didnt have Fehr.

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