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11-22-2012, 12:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr.Krinkle View Post
New Orleans gives up the 2nd most yards per game in passing, only have 7 picks on the year and are middle of the pack when it comes to sacks. How is it a shock that they'll stick with their obviously more than capable backup after what he did on arguably the most dominant defense in the league? Any time extra you can give a QB after a concussion is a good call.

I'm sure Smith is still busy trying to run for 20 minutes without getting dizzy and throwing up to give two *****, he's probably elated he has another week to recoup
If anything I'd say the opposite, Smith already fears being Wally Pipp'ed. Wouldn't shock me if that's why he was trying to hide his concussion in the first place, he knew he might not get his job back if he lost it.

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