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11-22-2012, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by 1UP View Post

The union was so strong it bankrupted the whole thing. Are you out of your MIND? Unions forget that companies (or governments, as is the problem in Québec) don't have infinite amounts of money too easily
It's the unions fault that the private equity firm that owned Hostess mismanaged it for a decade and the executives decided to give themselves record bonuses even as the company entered the red?

This situation is nothing like Hostess, and if it was, the Hostess workers agreed to far more concessions than the NHLPA did before going on strike.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I am impressed with Erik Cole's personal ethics, character, and intelligence.
Nothing says ethics like a millionaire crying about taking a pay cut when others are out of work because of the lock out. Cole has already threatened to retire if he doesn't get his way. Like Hamrlik he is looking out for himself, he's full of BS.

Hamrlik is being selfish sure, he's also a player whose life is hockey who doesn't want his career to end. Everyone in this situation is looking out for themselves, Hamrlik just has the balls to admit it instead of hiding behind some garbage sob story.

To call out a guy for what he said privately and then cry solidarity makes Cole a hypocrite. I'm losing a lot of respect for him.

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