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11-22-2012, 12:27 AM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
The players are using these stall tactics and are dragging their feet because i fully believe that Fehr burned into their brains that the owners will cave if they remain patient and in some ways the owners have since their ridiculous original proposal but what Fehr doesn't realize is that the owners are not going to accept any sort of de-linked proposal and they are not going to pay the players' full salaries so it's a staring contest at this point. It seems that they agree on 50/50 so at least that's something but linkage is the key.
They really aren't that far apart which makes this all the more infuriating.

You might be right that Fehr wants to go after the cap but i don't think he will because he's not stupid, he knows that the owners will never EVER agree to a soft cap/luxury tax system especially after losing a season to get the cap in place.
If he does go after the cap, the players might as well find a new group of investors and start up a new league.
Fehr has seen that the owners do have the resolve to shelve a season. They did it not too long ago. I wouldnt push them thinking they wouldnt do it again. There has to be something else going on.

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