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11-22-2012, 12:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... the truth Im afraid is far more insidious. What if I was to tell you that J.P. Bickell was also a member of a small group of men who were also responsible for building Toronto's Masonic Temple at 888 Yonge Street?... That Conn Smythe, along with multi generations of the Eaton family (who owned the land at Church & Carlton where Maple Leaf Gardens now sits) were also Free Masons? That "Big" Jim Norris & his sons, James D. & Bruce, Clarence Campbell & the Molsons, indeed, every single franchise owner & executive of the NHL including the Chairmans of the HHOF & Stewards of the Stanley Cup itself were and still are to this very day members of the Brotherhood? Oh, I could lay it all out for you alright. However, Im afraid Id have to go into hiding. Plastic surgery. A new identity. Leave the country, possibly the planet. And even then I wouldnt be safe.
Haha that is just awesome.

Consipracy at it finest. Always seems to come back to the Free Masons doesn't it?

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