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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I'm still not entirely convinced that Holecek's game was more "fundamentally flawed" than Ken Dryden's. Dryden never did look that great against the Soviet East-West attack that has since largely been incorporated into the NHL. And I'm pretty sure Dryden had more chances to play against the Soviets than Holecek did against NHL players.
... yepp. That right there is an intelligent & astute counter-argument, provided one first drops all pretensions to North Americans being superior to European & Russian players. Whats interesting is that despite the innumerable commonalities, really shared heritages in a mutual love for the game, development on both sides proceeded in a vacuum. Those differences were pretty stark in 72. Here you had a highly paid & much vaunted goaltender in Dryden, himself an an anomaly within NHL circles unable to adapt, deal with the onslaught, yet purportedly one of the more outstanding intellects the games ever known.

At the other end of the rink, be it Tretiak, Holocek or Dzurilla, guys who played entirely instinctively, atrocious footwork & all, lack of communication with their own defenders & team mates absolutely coming up roses, especially against their own unique opponents. Be that the Soviets vs Czech Republic, the Finns or Swedes. Parallel tracks. Then when Worlds Collide as they did in 1972, easy for us North American born & bred goaltenders to ridicule the Europeans, yet when push really came to shove, there is in my mind absolutely no question whatsoever that the European goaltenders OUTPLAYED & bested our best. The Soviets, Czechs, Swedes & Finns might have lost the games, the series, but they certainly earned this guys respect. And particularly so their goaltenders.

Then again TDMM. I personally never did play any of them. And as I am, or perhaps I should say was an absolute God in the crease, I guess we'll never really know huh?

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