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11-22-2012, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
That aspect that intrigues me the most about this is this statement:

It's been suggested in other threads that the PA is attempting to set up something that offers a disincentive to future lockouts. There is nothing player associations can do to effectively fight a lockout.

If that is the case, is it possible Mr. Klempner's statement is indeed accurate? The era of collective bargaining in professional sports may come to an end. Why would any group band together to make it easier for their employers to control their salaries and conditions/rights with virtually no input from them?
I would imagine its for EVERYTHING else.
In a free market without unions, the elite would cash in huge. Bonuses, vacation homes, the works could all be worked in there to bring in the names.

Its the rest of the roster that would pay the price... every depth piece would be youngen working @ 6 digits....
Everything else takes a hit to accomdate... flights, hotels, meals, training limits.. gone. all the mandatory perks gone... Pension plans? forget about it.. Benefits? maybe... well probably. they're pretty cheap plans out there....full coverage @ $200-300/month for each player and their families.

Parity and competition has been mentioned. Large markets would be fine... Stars would be fine.

But make mo mistake.... the majority of teams would be on a budget... and that would mean a limited middle class wouldn't it... put out for a couple of names, then fill the best you can.

The idea that unions in CBA negotiations has run its course is massive hyperbole... Only in ONE aspect is it limiting - the elite player's mega salary.

CBAs may be used via lockouts to reduce player cost in salary... but it would be an extreme tunnel visionary conclusion to make that thats all they are about..
Essentially that would be conceding that not only are unions useless... they are detrimental to the players and the system.

Simply ridiculous.
Don't ya think?

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