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11-22-2012, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
Haha that is just awesome.

Consipracy at it finest. Always seems to come back to the Free Masons doesn't it?

always opens with that "What if I was tell you" bit. Dramatic effect. However, the theory & facts I presented with respect to the building of the Masonic Temple, the Eatons, Bickell, Smythe, the Norris family and all of the rest of it? Completely true, absolutely authentic.

The numbers two and seven, 27 or 72, The DaVinci Codex; multiplications, divisions & fractions, percentages of same? You'll see them built into every single arena in all 30 NHL cities, be it ceiling tiles, number of interconnected boards surrounding the ice surface, steps between seating sections & bowls, number of luxury suites, dimensions & measurements of the very ice surface upon which the game is played...

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