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11-22-2012, 01:44 AM
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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Vladimir Konstantinov was a powerful hitter. He didn't need to fly into his opponent to hit powerfully. And he generally was able to remain on the ice and standing after most of his hits.

The point of a hit is to separate your opponent from the puck, not from his skull. Removing your own stability is *get this* A BAD IDEA. A good hit is one that is delivered with power, but in such a manner that you yourself are not incapacitated by recovery from the hit. Many highlight reels of "great hits" show the hitter flying off the ice, landing on his butt/side/whatever, and taking just as long to get up. How is that a great hit? Exciting, maybe, but it could have just created a scoring chance for the opposition that wasn't there before. But if that same hitter stays up and recovers the puck, now it's basically a couple seconds of PP. That's significant.
Questioning Stevens effectiveness to play defence...
To hurt your opponent is authorized in hockey and the Devils took a great advantage of Stevens brutality.

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