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11-22-2012, 04:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
What the players presented today was a system that the owners can succeed under, and indeed, do very well.

If the owners are still going to demand more and more and more, then the players absolutely should decertify. What's clear is that the owners, or at least the ones driving the bus, are not reasonable people. They are not interested in the sport of hockey, they do not care about the fans. You can't have an agreement with these people. You can't trust these people.

Let Bettman cancel the season. If that happens, or perhaps, given what happened today, when that happens, he'll leave the players with little choice.

And what does the day after decertification look like? Well, the league, in its current form, would not longer be viable.

The NHL would have two options: turn the league into a single corporation, doing away with individual franchises. Or folding anywhere from 10-15 teams.

The NHL isn't baseball, football, or basketball. There would be a lot of short term pain for the players if the league was blown up. But ultimately, they would see a lot more opportunities in Europe and in the AHL, which would likely receive a significant boost as it moves into markets which formerly had NHL hockey in them.
I'm just curious as to why you believe the offer given today could work for the owners? To me it looked like the NHLPA just added clauses to keep the cap high, prevent players from their % dropping, and have the NHL pay for the lockout. It is no where close to moving in the NHL's direction. Maybe I missed something?
The worst part about their proposal... If the nhl's revenue drops they feel their pay should not be affected.

The players would never decertify, where would these players make the kind of money they are making now? The KHL couldn't afford the NHL's payroll and the AHL wouldn't come close. This PA is flat out dumb, they expect to make the same % or more than football, baseball, and basketball players make in a league that does not bring in near as much revenue. Take your pay cut and go cry in your million dollar mansion.

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