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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Why would GSP have the advantage on the ground? Silva has fought better wrestlers (who also happened to be bigger) and still beat them up or submitted them.
Silva's ground game is extremely underrated because he never uses it. People just don't see it. Whenever they do, it's versus wrestlers and because he's on his back, most assume he's simply no good. But I what I see, is a guy absolutely comfortable on his back and patiently working to find a submission. He isn't looking to stand up, he barely tries to stuff the takedowns and doesn't look for sweeps. All he does is look for a submission. Most people seem to be oblivious to that and just think his opponent is dominating, and that's because of the judging system, if you take a guy down and stay on top throwing harmless punches, no matter if the guy in the bottom position is actually working just as hard to find a submission, judges will give you the points.

GSP has very little chance to win. And Silva is not overrated, if anything, people are reluctant to give him enough credit. This thread is proof of it.

And out of curiosity, if Silva isn't the greatest p4p ever, who is?
I'm curious to the answer of your last question as well. I guess when people say GSP has the advantage on the ground they're assuming he'll be in top control, which is a pretty fair assumption, however, GSP on his back isn't impressive at all, he's not in Silva's league from his back.

We seen in the 2nd fight that with Sonnen that Silva has pretty good take down defense as well. The problem lies that he is usually comfortable off his back. He learned from the 1st fight that being on your back against an outstanding wrestler like Sonnen was not in his best interest. Sonnen got him down in the first, but after that he was stuffed. To me, Sonnen is a better wrestler than GSP.

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