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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
The goal (nr. 14 in green) (its almost right from the start, there is a short interview with him around the 40-50 sec mark):

I've only really seen him in the prospect tourney. I could only see a couple of shifts of him last night (it took forever to put the kids to sleep), and when I've seen Färjestad earlier in the season he hasn't played.

But he is interesting. He is a thick built kid (6'2 212 lbs at the age of 18), but he doesn't at all seem to be that physically mature. He ought to firm up alot during the coming years. And that's probably what is most intriguing about him. A kid this good already, who still seem to be bound to take several steps physically in the near future.

The flaw he has right now obviously is that he isn't very explosive. He moves alright and its nothing wrong with his skating, but its of course obvious that he weighs in at 212 lbs without being trimmed physically. I of course need to see alot more of him, but he seems to be a very calm and poised player, who gets it done offensively. He is involved alot offensively which is great to see. Looking at the composure of our blueline depth charts, its great that he is a right shooting D too. Given that he is so raw, it seems to be very hard too to pin down what type of potential player he could become (let alone how good). Like from the little I've seen I can't tell if he is a potential Dustin Byfuglien or a potential Robyn Regehr.

I always really liked his father, Peter Andersson (also a NYR draft pick), so my starting valuation of him is pretty high. Back during his fathers prime, there were only like 10-15 Swedes in the NHL, now its like 40. I don't think that's because our players are all that much better now then back in the early 90's, its just that back then the incentives to play in the NHL wasn't as high and players who wouldn't become stars in the NHL often didn't stick around that long. If a player today has a option to choose between being a big star in Sweden or a top 3-5 D in the NHL, everyone opts with the later. But go back 20 years and that was just not the case. His father if playing today, would probably have been a very respected NHLer. Good size, not soft, strong defensively and very good offensively. Or maybe more then anything, the no-nonsense type. Very steady and someone you never had to worry about. Which is kind of rare these days (for some reason there just isn't that many D's who has good size and are decently physical, is good on the point, is smart with the puck and skates well). His father played in Sweden till he was 40 y/o, and made a short comeback when he was 44 y/o (just 3 years ago).

I'll come back soon when I've been able to see Calle more.
Nice report Ola.
I will try to get more info on Mr Andersson. As I mentioned before, I spent a year in the Swedish Army together with Peter Andersson. We were on the 5th company (recon plutoon) at I2 in Karlstad. I was radio operator/telegraphist as well as squad leader. There were several athletes there including Ulf Bjällvinger (Boltic) and Leif Karlsson (Färjestad) as well, and we had some drills and operations together with the Falun regiment where Tomas Sandström and Ulf Samuelsson both were stationed. Btw - for a short while Bengt Skött (Radiosporten) was in our group too.
Anyways - once we had an operation where 4 of us were on a raft and we had to "take over" another raft with 4 other guys in it. I remember being the last guy left in our raft - while they were still all 4 left in the other boat. Two of the guys in the opposing raft were like something out of The Gladiators, the other two were Karlsson & Andersson. The "gladiators" wound up in the water first, but so did I eventually before the two defensemen got wet at all. They were certainly some strong agile guys. Hope that the young Andersson got a chip off the old mans block - as his dad was both big, mobile and athletic. His provided frame seems promising.
So as for Calle tearing it up in the Junior league - that is very good but quite a ways from becoming more than a fringe prospect. Nice to see him scoring on FBK SEL team though. I gather he might be a late bloomer. Being a righty is also quite the advantage as few Swedes are natural righthanded. I will start asking around to see more and report in depth stuff about this young fella, as I have previously been focusing on Lindberg & Fast.
On a different note - lots of players from Europe (Hagelin, McD, Murray... recently) seem to be heading back to NA now. Is this a sign of an undisclosed thaw in negotiations that nobody is talking about? Gotta wonder...

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