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11-22-2012, 04:42 AM
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Can anyone name is there an player who have been 17 year old for entire season for top european league in similar role as Barkov? Putting over 1PPG, playing 20+minutes per night in all situations. Playing PK, PP. Being simply one of the best players in the league and top player for his senior club? I doubt that there have been any. Barkov is doing hockey history at the time and did it last WJC when he scored as 2nd youngest player ever at that competition and that goal was an game winner in QF. He doesen't have to change his game in any way when he is going to the NHL. Of course there is small adjustments in small rink but his game is already mistakefree and with an veteran presence. Can MacKinnon, Drouin play similar game in the NHL as they do now? Will the tricks work on much smarter experienced physical defenseman? Barkov plays simple and effective game with no big flashes. His game which he plays right now works in NHL too. I'm not arguing who should be #1 i'm just creating an debate here. Button stated that Barkov is now darn close to be NHL-ready and he just turned 17. He also stated that by next October Barkov will be definetly NHL-ready. Impressive if we take his very late born birthday in the discussion.

Team who drafts him gets:

Already ready two-way player who can play in all situations.

He has pro experience and poise like veteran player. His game is pro ready and doesen't have to change thing to be succesful in the NHL. Not much flash but effective.

Already ready NHL-frame and he has about 1 year of time to work on his strength and skating. We saw how he developed his skating and strength in the last summer. He is now good to very good skater and wins clear majority of puck battles against men at FEL. He should add more explosiveness in his skating but it's more than good enough for his style of game. His body type will be Thornton/Ovechkin like strong built no doubt about it. Per SM-league page he is 6'2 and 209lbs as 17 year old. He stated on twitter that he is 6'3. It's interesting to see his measurements now.

His upside and ceiling is very high. Some people might question his upside because of playing simple game but still is able to find himself on the scoresheet. He is doing historical numbers for player of his age in top european league filled with NHL lockout players.

Does he got any major flaws?

He is an special player for sure. So is MacKinnon, Drouin and Jones. But we can't also forget that what Barkov is doing is one of the best pre draft runs ever in europe if not best. It doesen't mean that he will be best ever player from europe by any way but his run is absolutely special.

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