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11-22-2012, 05:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky_83 View Post
Horcoff>>Gomez (one > for performance, one > for costing 1.5M cheaper)
Pacioretty=Eberle (I'm being generous to Patches here)
Price>>>Dubnyk (perennial all-star, better pedigree, younger - the only thing Dubnyk has going here is a not overly high statistical difference between the 2)

Which leaves Hall+Yakupov vs Subban. I'm going to put a >>>> there for the Oilers package.
Hall>Subban (younger, clear-cut #1 franchise winger vs questionable #1D with promise)
Yakupov>>>nothing (he shoudl have 4>'s to be honest, just because there's no return).

Let's find the difference in >'s!!

Oilers >>> Habs in terms of what's being offered.

The only reason that this deal is even close is the OPTICS of what each team's getting here. The Oilers would come out of this deal with an elite #1G (Price), questionable young #1D (Subban) to go with Klefbom/Schultz, and a #1C (RNH) and #1W (Pacioretty). A more complete deal. This is from their original position of having an average #1G, a #3D (Smid), and 3 #1W's (Hall, Eberle, Yakupov - an excess of riches)

MTL would go from having a superstar #1G, an emerging #1D, and a #1W, with an upcoming #1C (Galchenyuk) to having an average #1G, nothing close to a #1D (unless Markov pulls through), and 3 #1W (again, an embarassment of riches, especially without an elite playmaker there to feed them).

The optics work out much better for the Oilers, although it's still not justifiable in terms of the amount they're giving up in talent. They're better off selling them in a bunch of smaller individual deals to acquire talent than something like this.

Habs get ***** on optics - which is why fans are terrified of this deal. But if they did manage to get this package they could easily start flipping players to land replacements for Price/Subban.
Well to add

Gomez = to Horcoff as Gomez,s contract is 1 yr shorter and is owed less in actual money Gomez 10 mil to Horcoff 13 mil Horcoff is a bit better.
Pacioretty > Yak as we speak.Yak has to prove himself in the NHL.
Now that leaves us with
Hall,Ebs and Dubnyk vrs P.K and Price.
Price >= Hall and Dubnyk Mainly because Halls injurys are a concern and Dubnyk is at best is just an average starter. Basicly an unproven 26 yr old player.
P.K = Ebs. That can be augured from both sides.
Team wise i would rather have a top player at all three positions W-D-G over three top Forwards and get considerably weaker at D and G

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