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11-22-2012, 06:20 AM
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Originally Posted by GoBruins231 View Post
So I got TRIPLE CHARGED for an online order, and all three charges just hit my account as pending, which is now overdrawn by over $150.

The worst of it is? The company I bought from isn't around until MONDAY. The weird thing is, all three charges are in different amounts. I made one order. They seem to have realized they screwed up, as there are two credits for the two incorrect amounts, but they haven't hit yet.

So I'm now forced to travel with zero money, as Wells Fargo can't do anything. A dispute takes up to 10 business days. They were nice, but I feel like if a charge is still pending, and they can see the credits that will soon be posted, they should be able to remove the incorrect amounts.

Heeh. You are having a holiday like I am. I had an issue with the RMV with week.....well their "databases" went now I cant solve it until (hopefully) Friday. so, my brother is driving me to Thanksgiving.

sorry for your troubles.....crappy time of year for that to happen.

Enjoy your day (or try) everyone*

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