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11-22-2012, 07:45 AM
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Since I've seen so little of him, this is more of a "hunch" right now, but one thing that I sense in Andersson and that I like alot is the he seems to be the active/involved type of D, and that is also illustrated by his huge numbers in juniors (numbers from the elite junior league in Sweden is otherwise very hard to draw any conclusions from).

Many D's that we have seen in NY lately, good and bad, is more about letting the game come to them so to speak. From a great D like Staal to guys who still are unproven like Erixon or players who has been here in the past, like say Tyutin. I hardly think its a understatement to believe that words like get more involved often has been told to D's in NY (its something Staal always talk about for example). Both MDZ and McD trys to expend their register and will probably keep developing alot for a long time thanks to it.

And especially with Erixon, I think that was like the only thing that was missed in his game (he has everything else to become great D in this league). But Andersson seem to have somewhat of that attitude that results in like hey I am a good player at this level, why not score 1.5 point per game and get everything done myself? Which probably is necessary for him. Marc Staal (who I love and in every sense was ahead of Andersson at the same age, to avoid a misunderstanding) in juniors was more like, hey I am a great defensive minded D, I am better then everyone else, so I can play great defensive hockey for 40 minutes per night... And he could become that D too in the NHL and everything worked out. But Andersson probably needs to become a other type of D than that. He isn't in the McD/Staal mold (hey we are just darn good at playing hockey) or MDZ mold (hey I am just got a ton of offensive tools (how many times can I use the word hey and italics in one post without it being too much?)), but more like a D in say the McCabe/Byfuglien mold if you get what I mean (with great variations of course). Someone who can do more than what his raw talent indicate.

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