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Originally Posted by MayDay View Post
I'm tuned in to MSG+ here in the NYC area and they're showing boxing for the next few hours.
No sign of Sabres anywhere.
According to this - Viewers in the Buffalo and Rochester markets will be able to watch the programming on MSG, while viewers in the Syracuse, Binghamton and Albany markets can watch on the MSG+ network - it looks like the New York City market is not considered a Sabres market thus Sabres games/classics are blacked out and you get other sports like boxing
in its place.

We here in Buffalo/Rochester get the same thing - we are not considered a Rangers/Devils or Islanders market so any current games/replays from last season are blacked out. Although every once in a while, someone forgets to switch MSG Buffalo over to say boxing and a Rangers/Devils/Islanders game is shown. (A couple of weeks ago, a replay of a Rangers-Senators game from last season was shown.)

Classic games if they are part of the "MSG Vault" series are not blacked out - although we Sabre fans wish the one - a 1978 first round game one loss vs the Rangers - was blacked out. MSG loves to show that one alot especially come playoff time. (Even though we won the series - it still hurts.) MSG Buffalo should get even and have the Drury tieing/Mad Max winner playoff game from 2007 as a Sabres Classic and force the regular MSG to show it!

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