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11-22-2012, 08:17 AM
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Decertifying now does nothing, as you are looking at a loong court battle before the players could get the lockout lifted. The NFLPA decertified on March 11th, and their was still a lockout until the end of July when they reached an agreement (a total of nearly 5 months).

Having said that, I believe that one of the major sports unions WILL decertify long before their current CBA's expire. For the 3 capped leagues, it is clear that CBA negotiations are rigged in favour of the Owners as it is always mathematically correct for the players to take a lower % of revenue in order to not lose money via a lockout (this is what we are witnessing right now). A decertificiation long before CBA negotiations will be viewed more favourably by the courts (as it is wouldn't be attacked as a bargaining tactic), and would prevent the owners from locking out the players, having a salary cap, etc.

So for me, if Fehr (and he would be a guy to try it IMHO) wanted to explore the decertification tactic, then his best approach would have been to get a 5-6 year CBA which maximized the players share in this agreement before the season started, wait the required 3 years, then decertify the union.

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