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11-22-2012, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by DropkickQuinn View Post
I don't see this guy going higher than 5. He's a great offensive prospect, but his defense is sorely lacking, he doesn't go into corners very frequently and he has no physical element whatsoever. Just doesn't play a pro style game, and there are prospects of his calibre that do (Monahan, Barkov, Lindholm).
I agree. The players above him are just too strong for him to pass. Ultimately this is just an indication of how strong this draft is over a hit against Drouin.

MacKinnon is a franchise type forward. Seth Jones is a franchise type dman with the ability to play high calibre defense and offense.

Barkov and Lindholm are also similar. They both have upside in the defensive side of the game in addition to the offensive side. Toss in the production they are both seeing in men's league's at 17, production that is unprecedented in Barkov's case, and very rare in Lindholm's case (not having been seen in a while. Not even Backstrom, who is probably the best Swedish prospect to come out of the draft in the past 10 years) for the ages they are in their draft season.

So while Drouin is playing fantastically right now, and has definite high offensive upside, Lindholm and Barkov are playing at equally impressive rates, or at the very least just below it. Along with their more established all around games, I just can't see Drouin passing them.

And we aren't even talking about how Drouin is almost assuredly getting a boost playing on the same line as the player expected to go first overall. Before all the fanboys freak out, he's not getting propped up by him, but it is something that needs to be stated. Would he be playing this well if he was all alone? A case could be made for Monahan being untoppable by Drouin, for very much the same reasons Lindholm and Barkov will be. And none of them have a MacKinnon like player playing with them.

Basically I can't see him being top 3, and top 5 will be very hard. He's just not rounded enough for me to consider it. I don't think his offensive upside makes him a better player than Jones, MacKinnon, Barkov, Lindholm, and even Monohan.

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