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11-22-2012, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by ALine View Post
Just spent spent some time looking up Barkov, and man does he look like a real good player already. From what I can tell he looks like he could step into the NHL next year with little trouble. I agree with previous posters, definitely getting a little Sundin vibe. Seems to project to be quite a similar player. I wasn't sold on any of the center men drafted last June(Galy, Grig, Forsberg). This should be the time to fill a much needed hole that is next to impossible to fill by trade, and very difficult to fill by signing a guy(watch us sign Getzlaf).

Now, Barkov is unlikely to just fall into our laps at whichever pick we end up at. The past has shown, junior players playing overseas, even whiledominating a men's league, tend to fall. This will be necessary in order to get Barkov. If hes top four or five, it won't happen because it will take a Kessel or Rielly, which would be stupid to give up. Of he's goes in the six the ten range, a nice package of picks/prospects and less prominante roster players could be used to acquire him, especially if its a Center strong team that is due to pick him. This is assuming (hoping) we pick quite late. And that we know which other teams want him... Although, the higher our own pick, the easier it would be. We got a long way to go till June though, lots can happen.
Originally Posted by TheFinnishKulemin View Post
It's not just ridiculous, it's unprecedented at his age. PPG as a 17 year old in the SM-Liiga hasn't ever happened before. It's incredible.
That's what I meant by ridiculous, that its unheard of.

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