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Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
You mean like, when we were still in the off-season and some of the Toronto fans were saying that Rielly was surpassing the other defensemen in the draft? How is that over-hyping him indeed? Or during the Super Series when he'd pretty much touch the puck, and the announcer would gush all over the place. You still haven't answered my question though. How is saying I think he is being a bit over-hyped a lack of impartiality? I haven't seen a lot of negativity surrounding Rielly(really, almost nothing at all), except by those saying some of the attention is getting ridiculous... but for some reason that seems to be some grave insult.

Letang and Keith might be possible, but keep in mind that Keith is a Norris-winner, and Letang is one of the best young defensemen in the league. At the same time, how many scoffed when Brian Campbell was mentioned?
Most Leaf fans were talking about the possibility of Rielly passing all other dman in that draft. Considering he went 5th overall while missing more than half the season, is that not a possibility? An objective person would say it is.

And Bobby Mac is suffering from the hype? How does a few comments on that constitute drinking the kool-aid, so to speak? Heaven forbid the Leafs actually grabbed a player that actually lives up to the hype so far.

Is that not possible? His skating looks incredible and the ability to jump in the play is fantastic.

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