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11-22-2012, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Krut View Post
I guess we'll agree to disagree on this one. I guess I'm having trouble thinking of another product that many are practically trained from birth to enjoy and cheer for. It will obviously be different for some American markets, but hockey is ingrained too deeply in Canadians, and especially Edmontonians for anyone's petty "I'm done" declaration to actually take hold.
Not sure why any fans reaction or preference would be considered "petty". You might think it knee jerk which is fine but nothing wrong with someone wanting to choose abstinence.

Also, consider that theres varying degrees of support. The labor impasses of 94, 2004, and now, have taught me to care less about the NHL, and its players, and this has impacted how I support the product. If the game happens to be televized on a channel I get anyway I watch. I don't pay extra for anything, don't buy tickets, and don't buy merchandise from source. This IS changed behavior. A lot of fans, and probably more than gets recognized, have changed their behavior. But with fans that tune out the product being somewhat drowned out by new fans to the game. Which happens in Canada anyway because we are in the middle of an unprecedented boom in population from combined immigration and increase in birth rates.

But interestingly in a country with nearly twice the population we had in the 60's or 70's roughly the same amount of Canadians are going to NHL games in respective NHL cities. This of course being limited by rink capacity but look at it this way. In 1970 17K Canucks fans would be going to games. Would 34-40K Vancouver fans be going to every homegame today if capacity allowed? In a metropolitan area that has MORE than doubled in population?

A growing segment of Canadians have become less interested in actually attending NHL games. This maybe a byproduct of hdtv and surround systems and beer fridges simply offering a better viewing experience. Or that the degree of peoples connection has been reduced to a tenuous and fleeting stop on a channel in a hundreds of channels universe. With the NHL hanging by a thread for many who are increasingly experiencing simply better, and varied, entertainment.

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