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11-22-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by JSavoire View Post
Daniil's problems are that he does the same thing each shift pretty much. Shooting from far out doesn't work well in this leagfue and he sometimes does it with a look of frustration. Opposing D will give you a shot from afar or from total bad angles any day of the week. Main problem is he has below average accuracy and so many shots whistle past the net. Don't get me wrong, he can really shoot the puck but knowing when and trying to get it on net will go much farther than what he's doing now. He also needs to utilize his linemates as I've seen him in 4 on 4 situations for example and he's had guys like Gaunce who can score wide open and he'll instead choose to try and drill the puck through the goalie rather than send it back door for a tap in. That would at least get him some more points and the team some more needed goals. But those are things that he can fix pretty easily so it's up to the coaching staff to help him out.
Its called " Russian mentality " Kupsov does the same. Sometimes these players should be told an assist can be as important as a goal. Can it be fixed pretty easily by the coaching staff.I hope so.

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