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Originally Posted by ottawah View Post
4th liners will definitely take a huge hit. Right now there is an "artificial" minimum wage in the league that is 5-8 times higher than many of the equivalent players make in the AHL (and more than a thousand times what equivalent junior players make). Right now teams pay that premium because its been agreed upon, not because the guy who barely squeaks on the roster is 5 to 8 times better than the best guy in the AHL. So this drives guys at the very bottom of the league towards AHL salaries. That in turn drives all 4th liners and most third liners down.

The simple way to put it is the hockey value of the bottom 10% of the league as compared to the to the top 10% outside the NHL is negligible, and not supported by the current salary differentials driven by the minimum wage leveled under the CBA.

Elite players will make out great because some teams have higher spending resources, and they will be able to strongly entice the elite players with cash. Elite players are the commodity, and with the artificial spending cap gone, fighting over these scant resources will be tight. As well, with all the money saved at the low end will be used to compete for top end players.
I can see some guys dropping below the minimum wage.

But why economics are there out there right now that make Tomas Kopecky a $4M player that won't be there in a decertified market.

The "Filler" players I can see.

On the other hand, if there's more competition for players, anyone with any marketable skill should benefit, right?

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