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11-22-2012, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
I'm not advocating a TO only deal here, in fact, i've come to the beleaf that it would be impossible. BUT, the only team a FLA/VAN trade makes sense for is VAN/Luongo. Lu would be an upgrade for sure, but FLA were a playoff team with their goalies. They are also a team that isn't flushed with cash so Luongo's higher salary than cap deal isn't good for them. They could use Raymond, but i don't see them giving a sweetheart deal to obtain a player they don't really need (Luongo). Then, when names like Bjugstad,Gudbranson or Kulikov come up....that kills it further.

- Is FLA a playoff team going forward?

- I think you are incorrect about FLA's money situation. Opendoor posted about FLA's arena deal and what FLA is collecting outside their HRR -- It's significant. Take a look at his post.

- Tallon got the OK to accept the contract so point is moot.

- Need will be apparent as the season progresses, if there is one.

Also, from the last thread response to you: I was talking about the 2013 1st rnder, not the 2012 5th overall pick.

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