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Originally Posted by ZebraCritic View Post
The straight answer gotitans is "That it is a business" some investigation and see how much an owner spends a year on his/her team! In some cases owners spend thousands of dollars on a player via PDF, equipment, billets, travel, obtaining scholarships for players etc. Maybe what they should ask for in return is for the family of the player that wants out to pay back everything that has been put into the kid for his duration on the team.

What I do know is that if you look around the league more than a few players in the past couple of years have obtained NCAA scholarships due to these owners and gms that work tirelessly to assit these kids. CPC and JC got 8 kids scholarships last year alone and most likely would have gotten Seatter one as well. Check out the kid or the kids parents or the kids agent before you spout off on the owners and how THEY handle situations. You might be floored to find out how the team staff are treated by these folks on a consistant basis.

As far as your moronic statement about posters on here...go read my post again. I never once said a thing about posts being "garbage" If you don't like my posts then please feel free not to comment on them....In the mean time, proof read others posts before you go on a rant. It makes for better mor informed answers!
Talk about misinformed. The players got the scholarships, not Clarke. You give him more credit than he deserves. And I think you need to proof read your own posts before criticizing others.

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