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11-22-2012, 10:09 AM
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I just can't understand how the the players didn't see this coming. When they appointed Don Fehr as their union rep, a man who has caused six work stoppages already in his career including five straight as head of the MLBPA, they sent a message to the owners that they weren't willing to negotiate off of a position that is clearly untenable for the owners of the teams.

To use a terrible analogy its like bringing a gun to peace talks. By hiring Fehr the players told the owners that they weren't willing to make concessions, and so the Owners saw no point in taking a position in the middle. As has been repeatedly stated these evil, greedy owners hold the power and have the ability to break the unions. The owners they understand the growing the game is in their best interest only if they can make money, the NHL is a business first and foremost afterall. In the long run, the owners don't make most of their money from the team and so aren't being truly squeezed by the lockout, they can afford to outlast the players who can't hold out nearly as long. The NHLPA have forced this lockout by making unrealistic demands on the % of revenue which the owners could not as businessmen accept, and as a result are going to end up being broken. You can see it in this latest rounds of negotioation, the NHLPA have already started to crumble by agreeing to the League's economic framework, and the owners will start to push for more concessions as pressure mounts on the players.

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