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11-22-2012, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by ottawafan66 View Post
Talk about misinformed. The players got the scholarships, not Clarke. You give him more credit than he deserves. And I think you need to proof read your own posts before criticizing others.
I think I will stick by my former statement and add one thing....Of course the "Player" has something to do with obtaining a scholarship. That should just be assumed, or I thought it would be....I think you don't give enough credit to the Owners and Gms that have a hand in it, more than I think people realize.

As far as Seatter, i'm sure your close personal relationship with the family wouldn't bias your thougths on the situation one bit I'm eaqually sure you have spoke to Clarke and the rest of the coaching staff and the lot to see the other half of the story.

Thanks for responding, your input is greatly appreciated!

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