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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
Wisconsin was playing with a 3rd forward high, do Labate at times was playing this role. He was pretty good on the back check in transition and when he wasn't the 3rd guy he looked decent on the forecheck....

I kept an eye on Morgan Zuinick too after reading some of what thefeebster had to say last year. He looks decently polished for a freshmen. Offensively it's tough to get a read because the badgers don't look all that good.

Unrelated, but Riley Barber, is having a great breakout season as a freshman for Miami(?). He was another guy the feebster brought up. Washington got him in the 6th round. Another finger to be pointed at the scouts IMO.

Earlier in this thread people were looking for ways to track stats for our NCAA guys, well there is a good thread on he prospects forward to do this as they group each teams prospects together and summarize heir contributions. Wes Myron scored his first point , a goal, this weekend for BU.
Thoughts on why Labate isn't putting up points?

Zulinick was benched early in the season because Coach Eaves was unimpressed by his work ethic away from the ice. Something to keep in mind, but still could be someone to keep an eye on in the coming years. Yes! I got one right Barber has been off to a hot start. Would've been nice to have those 4th rounders back; could've gotten Laleggia and Barber like we (or I) wanted!

From reports from Coach Parker, Myron has been playing well but just hasn't been putting up points like he should. Hope he picks it up! An article about their 3rd line:

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