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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Judge Judy deals with breach of contract issues verbal or written on a daily basis most often ruling in favour of the contract terms. A binding legal document signed by both parties holds up in court every time, for the party not breaching its terms.

In this case "breach of contract" with no superseding CBA present, should result if the player wanted to make him a UFA immediately.. Which is what I think Fehr should be offering up now.. Any NHL contract not paid in full, should result in Owner fines for loss of wages and punitive damages and set the player free to go sign a new deal with another Owner that will honour it.

You should see how fast the contracts of Crosby or Stamkos or Tavares are agreed to be paid in full by their Owners to maintain their rights.
Do you have anything to support your thoughts beside watching Judge Judy deal with contracts that aren't negotiated under a union? Not saying that a contract isn't a contract regardless of the circumstances you signed it, but you haven't really made any real case that a contract negotiated under the rules of a CBA would have the exact same effect as any written or verbal rule signed between any Tom, Dick or Harry that was negotiated individually under no pretense of a CBA.

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