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11-22-2012, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
I was talking about team mentality and in this CBA battle there are players united together fighting for the rights of the collective Team group, and not only what is in their best interest alone.

Sidney Crosby is a benefactor of last CBA as he wasn't even drafted yet while the NHLPA fought for his rights in the last lockout, but is now reaping the rewards of their financial sacrifices (loss wages) previously. He has a long term contract > 5 years and will not be effected by the NHL raising the UFA age nor eliminating arbitration etc. from the next CBA. However he has spoken out openly that he (with other players) are not willing to role over to Owners demands and are fighting for individual player contract rights for the NHLPA team and not themselves individually. The highest paid players losing the most money themselves on a daily basis as the lockout continues, putting individual "family" needs secondary on their priority lists.

You're a good example proving my "I" point by your beliefs posted above that you would only be concerned about yourself (family) and put those ahead of others, if you were involved in this battle as union member.
And what if the majority want to take the league's deal or actually negotiate off of it? Are the guys preventing that from happening putting the good of the others infront of themselves? You're hardly in a position to argue the intentions and selflessness of any union if you aren't privy to what the majority of the union wants. If the majority of players want a deal, then the guys who won't budge on their positions become the ones who are putting themselves ahead of others.

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