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Originally Posted by leafs6 View Post
So you guys don't think that other teams doing well will increase the pressure on Brian Burke to make a move? Obviously it will be hard as unlike hockey, baseball has no Salary Cap, but still just another pressure point for Burke. It's gotta get to him at some point!
Other NHL team moves like for example say Carolina trading for a top line centre in Jordan Staal and signing UFA Alex Semin and then competing for a similar playoff spot in the Eastern conference is a greater pressure point on Burke and his own longevity that transactions in other sports.

I agree that if other major sports within the same city are having success, and he is not then it emphasizes his failures as there is a desire for Leaf fans to want similar success for reasons on envy, and the pressure point is greater through public opinion. Other examples of how those teams gained success would be fan factors in hoping Burke could emulate success by similar means, but not as much for Burke himself unless he believed that was a solution to his situation and team improvement.

If the Argo's win the Grey Cup that is a benefit to the city overall, but not a direct example of what Burke needs to do himself in terms of emulating transaction(s) in order to attempt to emulate success.

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