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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
There were still roster spots available, IIHF sets available spots higher than does HC internally; so technically they could have taken him, but decided not as per their own reasons. My contention is it's another High Salary they would have to ensure and HC limits those types of players depending on the significance of the tournament. There were Sochi seeding implications for this past WC, therefore HC took a few more high salary players then we normally see. But since this upcoming WC has no Olympic significance, just bragging rights, HC should revert back to it's policy of 1 or 2 high salary players (Olympic team players) and the rest made up of players named Who, even in the event of a lockout. If you look back at the 05 WC team...wasn't the A team, close, but a decent team that made the gold medal game losing to the Czechs... but HC hasn't been serious about the WC in a long time... so we'll see what they do in May. Maybe they'll take 17 year old Nathan Mackinnon to the WC should his team not be in the running for the Memorial Cup. BTW, did you see the highlights from last nights games... J. Drouin is a slick slick player... He should go # 3 in the draft. But I digress...
I don't know if I agree with your theory. If there any evidence that HC is actively trying to limit the number of high salary players? It seems to me that they get turned down by the big guns most years, not the other way around.

I hope they don't invite MacKinnon, or really any other junior player unless they are at Crosby's level. I've had the chance to see Halifax in person a few times this year, and Drouin looks like a potential monster. He seems so similar to Giroux.

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