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Originally Posted by Ace14 View Post
Lindros as in the likely future Hall of Famer? If that's all karma has, I doubt he's too worried.

And if you do believe in karma, just wait for the good fortune that falls upon him after he donated five million from his own pocket the day he announced his retirement.
i was joking with the karma thing. but here's something to think about:

i like to make the comparison between lindros and shaq, because they turned pro at around the same time, had comparable possible-GOAT hype (relative to their sports' level of media coverage), and were both the most dominating physical forces we had seen in a long long time, perhaps ever (contenders would be wilt in basketball, howe in hockey). shaq also partly due to his own decisions (conditioning, rarely working to better himself and coasting on his physical gifts, openly feuding with both penny and kobe) never came through on his potential.

but you've actually brought to my mind a better comparison. because shaq is still one of the 12 greatest basketball players of all time, and maybe even as high as 8th. he won four titles and three finals MVPs. lindros doesn't come close to that. lindros, i'd compare to chris webber.

and this is what bill simmons once had to say about webber: (i'm paraphrasing)-- "webber had a great career, borderline HOF. a defining player at his position and of all time. he made $200 million over his career and was a first team all-star, MVP candidate, etc. etc. so i have my doubts whether webber regrets any of the decisions he made in the first years of his career that could have altered the course of his career, that could have given him an ideal roster to start on and may have gotten him some rings. but if there are never moments at 3:00 AM in the morning where webber can't get to sleep and is tossing and turning in his bed wondering 'what if,' and thinking about how he could have been a top 10 player of all time, then that tells us everything we need to know about chris webber."

so that's lindros too. if lindros, as you say, isn't "too worried" about how his career turned out, then that puts his quebec decision into relief: maybe hockey and winning weren't number one for him. and maybe that's why he kept playing in the NHL the way he played in the OHL and just trying to barrel through guys even though the OHL didn't have devastating hitters like stevens or kasparaitis and someone like gretzky would have spent entire off-seasons working on adapting his game for the pro level. maybe that's why lifestyle considerations trumped going to a team many many people thought had the potential to be a future dynasty (and as it turns was a powerhouse anyway).

but all that said, knowing what i think about eric lindros the man, i'd guess that the way his career turned out eats him up inside.

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