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11-22-2012, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
For VAN, forget even star goalies, just better starters than Cloutier would have done this team a world of good.

He did not pay any starter level price because the goalies he brought in were dubious from the outset. The "goalie of the future" is a running joke around here as a byproduct.

No , not entirely, but _mostly_. The need is clear in TO, like no other team, and Burke has failed to capitalize on a limited market. Burke _should_ be paying a fair price. To even put it on the table to get Gillis to look away from FLA. The reason I suspect that he hasn't is that he has yet to even be afforded a private meeting with Luongo... What does that tell you?

He's so off on price right now that Gillis cannot even take him seriously
, this is why Burke is seen as a poor negotiator in this instance. Also backed by similar refusals to deal in the past. Can you tell me why Burke has yet to bring even a legit starter to TO in 4 years? Forget a star level goalie. What about just a legit starter?
In all fairness, when Gillis approached Burke with his Gardiner,Bozak,Frattin and (at the time) the 5th overall was Burke supposed to take him seriously?

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