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Originally Posted by makbowles View Post
So what does next year's line-up look like?

Palushaj's most likely goners one way or another. Probably Geoffrion as well. If Berger and Avtsin don't improve drastically, gone too. LL could make the Habs but only if there's a spot and not before Galchenyuk. Hagel, Stortini and Boyce will probably be replaced.

St-Denis, Nash and Commodore are question marks and I imagine the rest are assured a spot (haven't seen Corbin, so he might be on the fence).

Then possibly coming up you have: Archambault, Kristo, Pribyl, Walsh, Collberg, Nystrom, Nygren, Thrower, Dietz.

Kristo seems to be a given since there isn't much wiggle room for J. Schultz like funny business. If Archie keeps it up, he'll get a contract. Walsh would have to pick it up but I'm sure he gets a look. Thrower seems to be in the running for an overager year in the W but he can still turn it around. Dietz should be good to go.

Now I'm not too wise on the overseas prospects. I'll go ahead and assume Collberg and Nystrom are staying in Sweden. Do we have to sign Nygren and Pribyl by year's end? And this might be a dumb question but can they still play overseas while under contract with us?

Either way, there will be a helluva lot of competition. Even the long shots have intriguing upside.
Here are the current UFA's in Hamilton,

St-Denis, Desjardins, Hagel, Stortini, Corbin, Fortier, Leveille, Chaput.

Here are the current RFA's,

Geoffrion, Palushaj, Nash, Schultz, Blunden, Mayer, Dumont, Stejskal

Here's the players that need to be signed or we lose their rights next summer,

Archambault, Dietz, Kristo, Walsh, Nygren, Pribyl

Bennett could turn pro or he can opt out of signing with the Habs due to the current loop hole unles a new cba changes the rule.

Collberg, Nystrom, Nygren and Pribyl all have their contracts with their respective leagues end so any could be brought over if the Habs felt it would be a good fit.

Players that are under contract already for next season,

Leblanc, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Ellis, Pateryn, Holland, Gallagher, Bournival, Quailer, Nattinen, Lefebvre, Berger, Avtsin, Delmas

Leblanc I could see in the NHL, Dumont perhaps. Hard to say if any of this years rookie class will see any time or not depending on how the NHL roster shapes up.

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