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Originally Posted by doorman View Post
So anyway again, I am on the opposite side of your stance, I am with the league. I don't like how the PA put off talks when approached by the league after the Winter Classic, again after the All-star game, then again after the draft. They then had the nerve to be suprised to be locked out? lol, what a joke. Players have several time shot their mouths off in bad choices of comments. Also this latest 50/50 being % based so long as they never make less then the previous year, seriously? Nobody can tell me that is true HRR sharing. For this I side with the league.

As for the WJC, bring it on, guy who still play for the crest on the front instead of the name on the back. Though I am almost affraid of what some Leaf fans will say if Rielly makes it and plays very well. I forsee Orr comparissons coming, lol, ughhhh poor kid.
Ok, last reply, on the lockout.. I will then throw stuff back at the Topic at hand.

The NHL has yet to offer an actual 50/50 split. The only reason I believe the players are not in there and just trying to negotiate is because last lockout, the PA finally caved to save the season and took a salary cap, then the NHL said great. Then proceeded to lock them out unless they also got the 25% rollback. how is that for negotiations? Good faith? It would be like signing two guys to identical 98 million dollar contracts then saying wait I can't afford this how about we roll back salary?

Anyway, if the rumors are true, and there is a deal with the leafs, I believe it has to be at the very least something like Bozak ++, I would guess one of those being a first of some sort. The other being a prospect.

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