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11-22-2012, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
Seriously?? If you knew someone was asking 100 grand for a car and you were prepared to 20 grand...would you bother offering it? (keep in mind that even the one asking 100 grand said it was to much as well as Tallon)

It isn't certainly NOT on Burke. Gillis' price is out to lunch...period. When the price is that ridiculously high, it pretty much ends any and all negotiation as buyers are not willing to come even close.

So then what is Burke doing still phoning Gillis? Checking up on the weather in VAN? If Gillis's price is out to lunch, what is Burke doing
here? Shouldn't he be offended and run off into his little corner?

And let's be clear here, you think the price is exorbitant. Based on the public reactions of both GMs wanting to know the asking price. They found out, and they balked. But what prevented Burke, who's need is as apparent as if it's playing on TSN everyday, from negotiating further? Even to the point of getting a sit down? What stopped him from even getting close? Answer: Burke is an idiot with goaltending and he always will be. In fact, I will surmise that it's Nonis, and not Burke, even pushing for Luongo at all.

How come all of you keep saying Burke is out to lunch because he isn't blowing his wad for Luongo? We have Reimer who is pretty much Dubnyk, yet Tambo isn't being called an idiot. Tallon literally laughed at the price, nobody is questioning his intelligence. Face it, your GM poured ice water over any flame there was with that price tag.

EDM would have to pay top dollar for Luongo, TO would not.

FLA would have to supplement a position, not fill a hole (not yet), so their need isn't like TO's.

And on the subject of GMs, I'm pretty sure you could make cases to question the intelligence of both of them. But to question Burke's intelligence, especially here, is automatic and justified. We lived it.

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