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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Look at NHL, american/canadians tv. Are they for free??
Absolutely! All or almost all games of your own team are broadcast for free. You're not very familiar with the situation over there. It's only the premium channels (like NHL Game Center) that you need to pay extra to watch.

There may be all sorts of excuses, but the fact is that there's a Slovak team in the KHL, but Slovan's games are broadcast on a TV channel that is not available for most Slovaks. And this is while Slovakia is a lot poorer country than the US or Canada, so it makes even less sense that Americans and Canadians get to watch the games of their local team for free, while hockey fans from a poor country like Slovakia are expected to pay extra for everything. You then can't fault people from such a country if they resort to "free" online content, even if it's of terrible quality and broadcast in a foreign language.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
One slovak website offers Slovan´s games (dont know if home and away or only home) for small fee.
Only home games, and only a handful of them, too -- those not broadcast on that Czech/Hungarian sports channel. And this is the worst thing of all, Vorky: even if you subscribe to that Czech/Hungarian sports channel, you still don't get to see all of Slovan and Lev games, home or away! They only broadcast a selection of them. This made me so angry that a few weeks ago, I went to cancel the TV package that contains Sport 1 and Sport 2 (it currently costs me €2.50 per month). However, as a long-time customer of that cable TV provider, I was offered these channels for 1 more year for free. If they don't start broadcasting all of Slovan's games next season, however, I'll definitely be cancelling them next year, buying a season-long streaming subscription instead (right now, it's about €37 for all Slovan games per season, or €111 for all games by all teams all season).

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