Thread: Blue Jays Discussion: Offseason Madness the 7th: Jose Reyes edition
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11-22-2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by blader258 View Post
I am not sold on Gose at all right now in the Centre Field Position. Sure his defense and speed are top notch but I think those qualities are now redundant on this team given the acquisition of Reyes. His bat simply doesnt have a role in our lineup. We no longer have a need for a 1-2 hitter for the next 2-3 seasons. Colby will be here for a while whether you like it or not.

When Lawrie, Bautista, EE and Rasmus were all healthy they formed a deadly top of the lineup. Colby hitting in the 2 spot saw many more fastballs hitting in front of Jose and was really finding a groove. Once Jose got hurt Colby suffered by seeing a poor pitch selection. Given our line up now I see now reason for him to be inconsistent and he will likely receive some of the better pitch selection.
How does Reyes in any way make Gose redundant? You can have two great speedy players and Gose provides elite defense at CF. Bringing Reyes along actually helps him because now, team won't be putting him in the leadoff because of his speed but rather, they can bat him 9th and even if he is weak there, you can live with it because he will provide elite baserunning and defense. If his bat eventually improves to average or above average, you have a Devon White on your hands.

It doesn't matter much right now as Colby won't be traded and Gose will start out in Buffalo but long-term, he is the CF. I don't have much faith in Rasmus anymore, he is a platoon bat whose 2010 season looks more and more like an outlier at this point. If he has a decent or even a solid season and Gose continues to improve in Buffalo, Jays should sell high.

Originally Posted by Eyedea View Post
I think Gose can become an Austin Jackson type player, but with more speed. Like he said before if he can put more balls in to play, that reduces his strikeouts and increases his average (his speed can beat out grounders). It's quite spectacular that we have not only this type of talent in the system, but possibly an even quicker guy below him in DJ Davis.
Jackson is a high K player but he makes good contact and finds ways to get hits. Maybe Gose can do that but he would need to have a crazy high BABIP over his career (Jackson is at career .370). Austin Jackson also hits a lot of line drives which is why its possible for him to sustain a high BABIP despite the strikeout rate. Gose doesn't do that and that's probably why I don't see him hitting for too much average... unless he cuts down his K rate significantly. If he can hit .250-.260, he'll be great because he draws enough walks to have an above average OBP and his speed will be a huge factor. Has some pop in the bat too that is still developing.

Austin Jackson was also never projected to be this good... he just developed when he got to the majors.

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