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12-09-2003, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway
If the right deal came my way, I would seriously need to consider it. And I do think that Jagr would play well for the Rangers.

I can't rationalize giving up a player like Poti or Lundmark (forget for a second that Lundmark is injured) in a deal for Jagr alone because I don't think that the Rangers would have to. Both Lundmark and Poti are worth more in other deals, IMO. The Market is more or less non-existant and the Rangers most likely will be bidding against themselves.

*Gulp* Ok, here goes.

To NYR: Jagr, Witt (Gonchar)

To WAS: Carter, Kasparaitis (Poti)

I have long maintained that the biggest asset the Caps will get in any potential Jagr deal is the financial relief from his contract. The Kaspar contract takes care of Washington throwing in more money to offset the Jagr contract. It also gives the Caps a serviceable player who replaces Witt (sort of). They also get back Carter who is on a one year deal, who has been part of their organization, and who depending on what happens with the CBA might become a very affordable and effective player for them.

The Rangers get Jagr (who more than replaced Carter), move one bad contract, and replace Kaspar with a player that they need in Witt. IMO the Caps need the Rangers more than the Rangers need the Caps in this case. And I believe it is up to the Caps to give the Rangers incentive to make this trade. Swapping Witt for Kasparaitis is that incentive. Poti and Gonchar are added if the deal is expanded.

I would then roll:
Hlavac - Nedved - Jagr
Rucinsky - Holik - Kovalev
Barnaby - Lindros - Simon
Scott/Lacouture - Messier - Ortmeyer

Leetch - deVries
Witt - Gonchar
M - M
Agree 100% with you SBOB.

Of course there is major concern about adding a Jagr due to the contract but IF and that's a big IF Slats persues it this is exactly the way I'd like it to go down, players and lines both.

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