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Originally Posted by ClasslessGuy View Post
After seeing the gsp doc on radio-canada & all the interviews after the condit fight I have the feeling he doesn't want to fight Silva and we can't really blame him.

Such fight would be one of the worst business decision EVER, not only for GSP, but for Silva and the UFC. Why would two "greatest of all time" MMA fighters want to risk tarnishing their aura? For the UFC, two world-class stars with millions (and growing) of fans is better than only one.

They might fight one day, when they are no longer at the top as they are now.

(And for the record, if they fight now, Silva is likely gonna win. But not because he's more skilled -- e.g. better striker or wrestler -- but because he's bigger, has better reach and more power. Period.)

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I'm not so sure about that. UFC couldn't even sell out the Bell Center with GSP's return.
GSP doesn't attract as much attention as he once did because he stopped finishing his opponents. A lot of fans can appreciate what is a wrestling clinic, but a lot of casual fans will tune out. Even some wrestling fans will get tired of him always doing the same thing. GSP's game plan has been the same for the past five fights. Some are fed up.

Silva will always draw in more fans because of how dominant he is. Not only does he finish his fighters, but it's as if he does it in a new and more dominant fashion than his previous fight.
Jones is getting a similar reputation. He's unorthodox, and likes to finish.

The only reason why I would think GSP vs Silva would bring in more viewers is because GSP reaches out to Canadians. But as I said, GSP is losing viewers.
A Jones vs Silva fight would be a lot more entertaining though.
Are you sure Silva draws more fans and attention than GSP? I highly highly doubt that. I bet my house that GSP, worldwide overall, is much much more popular than Anderson Silva. And I'd bet my second house that a GSP v. Silva fight right now will get the biggest draw ever for an MMA event.

I begin to think you just underestimate every aspect of GSP.

Edit: MMA's biggest PPV draws slideshow:

(Of course, it's not totally exhaustive but at least, it means it's highly debatable that Silva draws more than GSP.)

A Look at UFC's Top Five Draws:

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