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11-22-2012, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Stasis View Post
I very rarely trade as well. Sometimes I'll dangle a line near deadline on a star player nearing the end of his deal if I've got some good replacements in the system. Picking up a few 1st rounders is fun, especially if I'm not worried about my ability to go deep in the playoffs. Playoffs I generally play more of... certain teams I'll play every game against, and usually will for the cup. Others I'll do a 1-1 play/sim rotation.
Im the same way. I hardly do any trades at all, and when I do, its them offering me a draft pick or two for either an aging player or a few 2.5star prospects.
The other day Pittsburgh offered me Crosby, who at that point was mid-30s. I rejected the trade without hesitation and the others thought I was insane! Pittsburgh wanted the guy I picked last year at 11th overall (67ovr 4star), my 1st in this years draft and a nobody player.
My first thought was that Crosby is a center, I already have MacKinnon and McDavid for my first two centers.. theyve put up consecutive 90+ point seasons, why change that?

I know im the GM and im supposed to want to be the best.. but I prefer losing in the playoffs. I know my team could win the cup every season if I let them, but I dont. It gets so boring winning the cup EVERY year, so after I win one or two I make my team lose within the first two rounds to change things up. It gives me a better draft pick and makes it more exciting to see who will win. 90% of the time its the team who eliminated me. I also like to think of the fans of the other teams who must be losing hope and interest if I keep winning.

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