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11-22-2012, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
I am speaking about hockey terminology, and what is widely perceived when a GM or scout says "Best Player Available" this means Best player regardless of position or need of the hockey club.

Obcourse scouts will differ on who this is, what you are referring to is the process arriving at who is BPA. Player evaluation.

When Burke said he was drafting the BPA last year, this is what he did. He had Rielly at #1, could have drafted a fwd, even a Center, but didn't. Thus he took what he thought was the best player available.
Right, and the process at which he arrived to his determination that Rielly was the BPA at #5, was through subjective evaluation and judgement.

To say that need never comes into this isn't true, because if you have a case where you rate say..... Jones and Barkov even, in the Leafs' case, you should take Barkov, because your back-end has been supplimented adequately with high picks, over the course of the last few years. We have taken Rielly and Percy in the 1st, Blacker and Finn in the second. During that time, we've taken Kadri and Biggs in the 1st, and Ryan and Ross in the second round. In this case, we haven't used a pick on a player that is projected to fill the gap at 1C, despite having the opportunity to last year with Grigorenko. If we had Jones and Barkov available, the SMART choice in this situation, is to take Barkov and run. That way you add the elite piece up front to build around.

Need does come into deciding BPA, when most things are even between prospects. Not always, but in some situations, it has to be considered. I just hope we have that luxioury this year.

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