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Originally Posted by ottawafan66 View Post
First of all, I haven't been complaining. Someone posted the question and I answered it. And I've heard from other kids who've played for JC in the past. The guy's a tyrant.

Secondly, he didn't choose to play for them, he was protected and therefore has NO choice as to where he can play Junior A.

Please get your facts straight.
But isn't that how good businesses work. I know in my town MacDonalds get's to allocate certain kids out of Grade 9 from the local high school as MacDonald's employees. Then by grade 12, some only get a shift a month but tough, they should be thankful to have a job right. And forget about going across the street to Burger King because I will want a $10K CDF (that's chump development fee by the way) to transfer you. After all, I spent at least $70 on coffee watching you flip burgers in Major Bantam before attaching you to my business.

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