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11-22-2012, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by AndyPipkin View Post
Henderson, Newton, Franklin and....Griffin?

GSP fought: Hughes, Penn, Serra(Interm of course), Sherk and I think you can count Sheilds.
I said, since they became Champs.
So, for Silva, Hendo, Franklin, Griffin and Belfort.

For GSP, Hughes, Penn, Serra and Condit.

4 vs 4, not 3.
Had forgotten about Penn. However, Condit was an interim, and we all know Serra had no business winning in the first place.

Didn't consider Shields because he was fighting in lower talent organization. Hendo earned his title versus top end talent in Pride. At the time, Pride had more talent than the UFC.

Originally Posted by Poulet Kostopoulos View Post
Are you sure Silva draws more fans and attention than GSP? I highly highly doubt that. I bet my house that GSP, worldwide overall, is much much more popular than Anderson Silva. And I'd bet my second house that a GSP v. Silva fight right now will get the biggest draw ever for an MMA event.

I begin to think you just underestimate every aspect of GSP.

Edit: MMA's biggest PPV draws slideshow:

(Of course, it's not totally exhaustive but at least, it means it's highly debatable that Silva draws more than GSP.)

A Look at UFC's Top Five Draws:
Actually, I ended that post by saying the reason GSP might bring in more talent is that he has the Canadians in full support of him. MMA is gaining in popularity here, a lot, in Brazil, it's been around for a very long time. That country always produced top fighters. GSP is the only and first top canadian talent to make it in the UFC.

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