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11-22-2012, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by MyersMagic57 View Post
I don't get it. The owners and players are making MORE than enough money to live a very nice life without any financial problems for the remainder of their life.

Why in the hell do they need more money? Just make a damn deal for christs sake, does it really matter if you are making 5 million more dollars.

This is why our country is ****ed
There are many reasons why our country is declining ... Anything related to the 4th most popular sport isn't a reason.

If you mean people wanting to make as much money or get as many possessions as possible with little regard to who they step on...... Well, since the begining of time that has been the nature of humans and creatures alike

Share and share alike is a nice warm feeling but unrealistic and unsustainable. Survival of the fittest/get as much as I can get is reality. That absolutely positively will never change.

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