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11-22-2012, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
I couldn't care less about raw goal or assist totals. That Crosby only cracked those barriers once each is a reflection of his era more than his ability. If you want to look at goals, Crosby leading the NHL in that category is much more impressive than any of Trottier's goalscoring exploits. You could also argue that Crosby finishing top two in assists with his plugs is more impressive than Trottier's high finishes with Bossy on his wing. I don't know what your point is with Sakic, Crosby's point placements (or projected point placements) are generally better than his.
My point with Sakic is that Crosby's numbers aren't much different than any other top scorer in the dead puck era. Certainly there's nothing there to anoint the man as a Hockey God. So were is it coming from? It's coming from the "wow" factor: His flashiness as a player. My point is that flashiness and "wow" factors aren't a part of evaluating how good a player is. You can be a great player without flashiness and "wow" factors.

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