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Originally Posted by Nail Yakupov View Post
I am having huge issues with nhl 13:

Everytime i play an eashl club match a few things are happening

1) i ALWAYS.. always get hit and nudged off the puck. it seems as if i can't enter the zone without being targeted, and i mean it's impossible to stay on my feet

2) my computer always shoots the puck off a faceoff win, it never fails to happen. I win a face off and they blast all the time.

3) computer defence can't keep up with other teams forwards, often making silly mistakes that give the other team 6-7 break aways a game.

if anybody can tell me what im doing wrong, or what i can do to fix this it would be greately appreciated.

Is it a internet problem, do i have to upgrade my internet package?? i'm currently on the telus high speed , 6mbs per second.
1. Play smarter, dump the puck in, or add more points to puck control, strength, balance.

2. Nothing you can do about that. The A.I. is absolutely horrendous in the game. EASHL is the best and and most realistic with 4+ human players. AI just destroys and ruins the fun of EASHL.

3. Again ****** AI. Any player with 90speed 90accel will always blow by AI defense. Nothing you can do but have real human controlled defenseman to stop it.

No issues with you, or you internet. Its the game. To sum it all up its really not that bad with 4+ human players on each team but if you play 2v2 on EASHL it sucks.

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