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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
I would love to see it decertify.

Contracts would either have to be honoured, voided, or individually modified if there was no CBA that was part of any legal agreement.

This is the part where we include all the statements about the players "should know" their contracts can be modified in the next CBA. No CBA no modifications.

Cannot apply something that does not exist.

Anyone have the can opener for this tin of worms?
You and I wanted the NHLPA to "Blow it up" last lockout in 2004/05 and set all the players free, because for a rich team like our Leafs, they would be at the front of the line snapping up top end talent and rebuilding the Leafs.

Go ahead make my day, and decertify and stick it to the Owners and Bettman for their outrages bargaining demands and tactics. Would serve them right to lose the Hard Cap and everything they fought for.. Donald Fehr already battled and beat the greedy Major league baseball owners in the courts proving unfair business practices forcing his workers back to work. So taking on Bettman would be a breeze considering his experience and precedence in winning these types of work stoppages previously.

Our Maple Leafs having Tavares centering Stamkos and Perry would be just fine by me, after the dust settles after a scorched earth reboot. .

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